January 18th, 2013

Motorcycle Therapy is dead to me. No, of course I’m only joking. In fact, although I would like to sort of leave it behind and move on with new projects and adventures, I find myself always looking at new ways to promote my old book (example, check out my Amazon Author Page). Recently, I have spent loads of time making Motorcycle Therapy into an eBook for basically all formats everywhere. As you may know, it’s been out for the Amazon Kindle for a few months already, and it’s been out for Kobo (via Chapters) for almost as long. But recently it’s been added to the iTunes catalogue, and the Barnes and Noble catalogue for Nook, all thanks to Smashwords. I consider this progress, but it’s all just tiny steps.
Soon I hope to create an Audio Book for Motorcycle Therapy and then… I can relax. Actually, by that time I’ll be on the trail promoting my new book, Through Dust and Darkness (tentative title). THAT should be out this Fall by publisher Rocky Mountain Books. So, if it feels to you like I’m beating a dead horse with Motorcycle Therapy, that’s why. I’m looking at it from the standpoint of creating some buzz for the next book.
More later. Until then, here’s a short video of me talking: YouTube. Sorry about the audio. I’m new to film, but I’m trying. And I’m learning. And scheming about new ways to waste your time and mine.